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Fortinet Network Security

Fortinet Network Security

Fortinet Network Security components

Among the latter, it is worth noting the «Fortinet Security Fabric», which provides full visibility and automatic protection against all types of threats on the entire attack plane


Network protection

Based on the conditions for conducting a modern business, as well as its needs, companies and their branches need both high-performance computer networks and reliable security of the network infrastructure. To solve such problems, powerful and flexible tools are needed that are capable of ensuring the network security of the organization at the proper level, have high performance and low administrative complexity. Today, a large number of both network hardware and software security products from various manufacturers are presented on the network equipment market, however, Fortinet products, a major player in the field of information security, highlight the presence of a number of unique security tools and technologies.

«Fortinet Network Security Security» components


Next Generation Firewall

Next Generation Fortinet Firewalls Integrated into Fortinet NGFW Firewalls Based on Functional Security Data Processing Units (“PSUs”) and FortiGuard Labs, which in turn are powered by artificial intelligence, providing industry-leading protection from various network threats


Decreased administration complexity

Next-Generation Fortinet NGFW Firewalls Easily Consolidate All Network Infrastructure with Web Filtering, Application Control, Comprehensive Protection Against Multiple Network Threats, and Centralized Management


Encrypted cloud access

Transparency of all types of traffic in the cloud is ensured by checking the level of secure data packets (SSL), as well as by monitoring policies, which guarantees complete protection against threats

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Secure SD-WAN

A tool like «Fortinet Secure SD-WAN» provides the highest level of application performance and includes the best security features of the next generation firewall (NGFW), SD-WAN, as well as advanced WAN routing and optimization capabilities. So, thanks to the WAN Edge solution, the management of large volumes of important data occurs without sacrificing performance, and the built-in protection provides direct Internet access for efficient business operations


Intent-based segmentation

Intelligent, intent-based segmentation will allow you to easily segment your corporate network according to your current business needs, apply adaptive access control and provide automatic protection against threats in both local and multi-cloud environments, regardless of their location. The ability to micro-segmentation allows you to proactively manage attack vectors and risks, while cost-effective protection points provide comprehensive protection against threats. Further dynamic and detailed access control is carried out by constantly monitoring the level of trust and the corresponding adaptation of security policies


Management and analytics

Tools such as centralized security management, automatic tracking, and reporting are available in on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. They provide powerful and simplified network orchestration and automation, and also help consolidate complex point products and Fortinet-compatible partner solutions


Fortinet products at VTKT.RU

The catalog of our online store Conetec.su contains a wide range of Fortinet firewalls and mail gateways. If you need help in selecting equipment from the store catalog for your requirements, please contact our consultants by phone +7 (495) 727-37-16, +7 (929) 566-13-00, or by email sales@vtkt.ru